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The best circus artists participate in the show, and all vocal passages are played live! Spectators will enjoy spectacular circus acts and vocal numbers, original animation and colorful costumes. Not only children will be happy, but also their parents! The show harmoniously combines circus, theater and music, complemented by 3D graphics, animation and special effects.
The producers of the show - the creative team "Romanov Arena" - specialize in the creation of original Russian circus shows.

The family show "The Wizard of Oz" tells a moving story about the incredible adventures of Ellie and her friends in a new incarnation - musical performance and circus!
A fascinating show with spectacular circus numbers, bright voices, will help you immerse in the world of magic and kindness. Ellie and her friends handle easily with all the machinations of the evil Wizard and the final find Goodwin.
Good Wizard gives the characters not only desirable qualities, but also explains that the main gift of travel was a really strong friendship.

The circus base of the show are the acts, presented by the best actors:
- Winners of Award of International Circus Festival at Monte Carló;
- Acrobats on the fly-boards, the winners of "Got talent";
- Leading singers, group "Grace" - “Minute of Glory” winners,-
- air gymnasts on canvas, working without safety net.
- Acrobats on rollers, gymnasts and many others.

All songs are performed live:

- in the role of Ellie - Anastasia Dyatlova, a young participant in the competitions "Voice. Children" and "The blue bird";
- in the role of Goodwin - soloist of the Moscow best musicals Vladimir Dybskiy;
- The original music for the performance was written by a young composer Andrei Zubets,
- The stage director, composer - Maxim Romanov