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The “Circus Mother Africa” is celebrating its anniversary and is on tour with its grand show of success „Khayelitsha – my home“ The tour goes through Europe with 40 cities in Germany and also others in Austria, Netherlands, Danemark and Italy.

Since ten years the shows of Mother Africa bring the pulse of the African Continent on stage. The new Show will take its visitors to “Khayelitsha”, one of the biggest townships in South Africa. Mother Africa presents with “Khayelitsha – my home” a colourful world packed with dance, music and acrobatics as well as a new point of view to Africa with its beautiful, stunning and unique facets. Mother Africa is more than just a circus show; it is a journey through the African continent with best entertainment and highest artistic performance. Every visitor will enjoy the great variety of modern and traditional African culture in the show and supports not only the artists on stage..