The power of music, the expanse of nature, and the energy of cities are things WHALE CITY is fascinated with and inspired by. That itself explains the band’s motto: We love music, whales & cities. The result is fresh and catchy pop-­‐rock music made in Germany, ranging somewhere between Coldplay and U2, Snow Patrol and Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic and The Fray.

WHALE CITY’s sound feels like an ocean breeze – the inspiring feeling lead singer Andy took back with him overseas into a small village near Munich after living in California for a season. He spent many hours on the patio of the Whale City Bakery on the edge of Highway 1, a unique place that led him to connect with his surroundings, drawing his mind´s eye down the cliffs onto the beautiful Pacific Ocean where he watched whales jump out of the waves on particularly beautiful days. This is where the band’s name finds its origin and where the story of WHALE CITY, which was founded in Germany in 2018 begins.

While jamming in their studio it quickly became apparent that Andy, keyboard and bass player Michael, as well as drummer, Juri, were on the same page. Not only when it comes down to music and personality, but also in their goal to bring an emotional connection through their music to the stages of the world.

WHALE CITY’s sound is already being widely embraced and praised in the music venues and clubs, in which they have left their mark. So far, they have performed five concerts within their first small tour in 2019, with an audience of over 1000 people. Their two shows in Munich were completely sold out.

The well-­‐known music magazine Schall provides great feedback for the newcomer band: “The trio around the singer and former professional soccer player Andreas Görlitz scores with spherical guitar sound, pulsating bass, driving drums, futuristic synths and emotional lyrics. Finest pop-­‐rock a la Coldplay – made in Munich.”