RICO SANCHEZ & The Gipsy Allstars


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While he was learning guitar already as a small child, he had to turn 10 years before his parents could afford to get him his first own gipsy guitar. Only four years later he became the youngest member of the national folk ensemble and started to play, sing and travel internationally gaining the original “gipsy experience”. Two years later he composed and recorded his first own song.

When he turned 20 he decided to move to Australia for a while to gain new experiences, performing individually and in bands and soon becoming a well-respected name among the musicians in Victoria.

In 1981 Rico Sanchez moved back to Europe forming his own band and it didn’t take long that his distinguished and specific voice could be heard and remembered on stage, in television and radios.

Rico Sanchez and his band since then continue to perform on the most prestigious European music festivals, both for the mainstream festivals like Danube Island Festival or the Kieler Woche as well as for the major gipsy festivals especially in Eastern Europe and Russia and with over 1.000 performances setting his very own trademark of “RICO SANCHEZ & The Gipsy Allstars” … celebrated 40 years on stage in 2021!

He played and shared the stage with most of the greatest names in Gipsy music including Dzani, Don Vasil or Vasiliy Dzadan to name but a few. He participated in countless TV shows with millions of viewers, especially so in Ukraine, Poland, Germany and Austria and shared stages with many great names like DJ Ötzi, Bad Boys Blue, Sidney Youngblood, Robin Gibb, London Beat, Al di Meola and the many more.

Today Rico Sanchez continues to tour the world delivering the original gipsy heritage of the world-famous songs audiences love to hear and dance to. Their rich and unique sound of “RICO SANCHEZ & the Gipsy Allstars” will leave any of your audiences with ever lasting memories, too.