Agent: Fanny Jacobson

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Venue City Country From Till
Alpen Flair Festival Natz Italy 25.06.22
Venue City Country From Till
Alpen Flair Festival Natz Italy 25.06.22

RAMMELHOF is an Austrian Power Rock band founded in 2015.

After winning the Radio FM4 Protest Song Contest in 2015 with their debut single "Wladimir (Put Put Putin)" and an enormous worldwide YouTube hype (over 1.5 million views), RAMMELHOF was also nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category “Hard ‘n’ Heavy” in 2016. After numerous appearances at various festivals (Donauinselfest, Rock in Vienna, Nova Rock, Alpen Flair, etc.), they toured Germany for the first time as exclusive support on the "Deutsche Vita Tour" with German legends J.B.O in spring 2018.

The combo - consisting of the Great General, Lucifa (both vocals), Urgos Brutalos (drums), Mario Granato (guitar), Du-Shan (bass) and Pater Perdurabo (acting) - likes to mess with the big players in the world.

RAMMELHOF completely unashamedly shouts out loud what they think about this world, leaving nothing and nobody spared, and set a strong statement on the current world events.

Their socio-critical and political lyrics properly annoy some of the most powerful world leaders, and their accustomed fantastic and quite extraordinary music videos - a trademark of the band - underline the lyrical and musical madness of RAMMELHOF with strong and insane pictures.

No one should miss the chance so see this absolutely chaotic troop and take every opportunity to see RAMMELHOF’s spectacular and unique stage shows live.