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Mawe, meaning 'stone' in Swahili, expresses the raw, elemental style of this Kenyan producer and DJ. Creating a lasting connection between him and his listeners, Mawe delivers his sensual, vibrant, yet exhilarating take on Techno and Tech House While incorporating the rhythm and dynamics of African Music. Mawe’s interest in djing began in the year 2010 in Cape town south africa. After learning the skills required Mawe moved back to his home town of Nairobi, Kenya and began playing at various events spreading the sounds of Techno throughout Nairobi alongside only 6 other dj’s at a time when Techno was incredibly new in Kenya. Mawe had the privilege of performing and working with some of the biggest names in east african event organisation such as Kenya Night And 6AM Entertainment. Some of the experience Mawe obtained in Kenya are.

Kenya nights, Nairobi, Killifi — dj Mawe has been a dj for kenya nights on numerous occasions twice being NYE.

6 am entertainment, Nairobi — dj Mawe has been a dj for 6 am entertainment on many occasions including Earthdance Nairobi.

Tree house, Nairobi — Live sounds and resident dj Mawe was responsible for live sound for the first installation and various live events at tree house nairobi. He also held an electronic music residency.

Mawe’s thirst for knowledge in sound brought him to Cape Town south africa once again where he then acquired his 2 year training in Audio Production and Sound engineering and also where he co founded oxigen Kollektive and Rendition Entertainment which were two event companies dedicated to delivering intimate, electronic underground music in Cape Town. Some of the projects Mawe has accomplished are, Perception , Nairobi — Promoter, Dj, Live sound and logistics. Mawe organized a successful Techno event in Nairobi entitled Perception where i had a team of 12 and orchestrated it flawlessly.

Oxygen Kollektive , Cape Town—co founder, Dj, Live sound and logistics. I started an electronic events company in south africa that created a platform for different artists worldwide to perform diverse interpretations of electronic dance music.

Rendition , Cape Town — co founder, Live sounds and logistics I was co founder to an event company that held intimate, underground events with focus and emphasis on Original underground music.

Mawe Presents , Nairobi - Founder, Live sounds and logistics, Promoter. Mawe created “Mawe Presets” with the intention to showcase some of the best Underground electronic music artists in Kenya alongside an international act. An example of which would be the “Mawe presents: Emmzet”. Some of the Biggest festivals that Mawe has performed at include,

  • Earthdance Nairobi – Kenya
  • Kenya Nights NYE (3 times) - Kenya
  • Africa Burn Decompression - South Africa
  • Kizimkazi Festival - Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Nyege Nyege Music Festival - Jinja, Uganda.

After accomplishing everything he has in Africa, Mawe’s ambition to incorporate african and electronic music together brought him to Barcelona where he aims to use his knowledge and experience acquired in Africa and fuse it with the electronic underground scene in Europe.