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Arabesque, the disco-pop band, was founded 1976 in the German city of Frankfurt by the producer Wolfgang Mewes (“Melodie der Welt”) and Jean Frankfurter (сomposer of all “Arabesque” songs).
Shortly before, Michaela Rose has won the young talents’ competition „Star chance 75“, and immediately signed a contract with „Young Star Records“. This company has signed Michaela up for a casting, announced by the music publisher MDW, and Michaela has been chosen amongst 5000 participants to take part in the new musical project
From the age of 14 Michaela was taking part in different television shows, and has been working as a photo-model for Max Grünert (from Hessen television).
To accompany Michaela on stage, two other young female singers - Karen Ann Tepperis and Mary Ann Nagel – have been chosen. And this is how the band „ARABESQUE“ was born! The idea of the name belonged to the lyrics author John Moering, whom the dance routine of the three girls reminded of a choreography term – “arabesque“.
In 1977 the band released their first single "Hello Mr. Monkey" which stayed at the Japanese charts for 42 weeks at number 1! The success of “Arabesque” second single – “Friday night” – showed that the girl trio was not a “one hit wonder”.
After the success of the very first single, the changes in the line-up have taken place: Girls were getting pregnant and were leaving the band one after another… Karen Ann Tepperis was a part of “Arabesque” from 1976 till 1978, and by the release of the third single was replaced by Jasmin Vetter (who stayed in the band from 1979 till 1985).
Mary Ann Nagel was in “Arabesque” till the end of 1977; then she was replaced by Heike Landvogd (from 1978 till 1979). In 1979, before the release of “Arabesque” fourth single “Peppermint Jack” she was again replaced – by Sandra Lauer, who stayed in the band till 1985.
This line-up – Michaela Rose (the only founding member from the beginning of the band’s career), Sandra Lauer and Jasmin Vetter – was finally stable.
“Arabesque” became real superstars in Japan, and had the same popularity level as ABBA. A gift box of 10 LP's "ABBA vs. Arabesque” (5 LP's of ABBA, 5 LP's of Arabesque) was released 1984.
As “Arabesque” sold more than 30 million records (and are still selling CD's and compilations), the band has been awarded by many golden records.
In 1985, when other music styles became more popular, the producers decided to dismiss the band.
Michaela Rose and another ex-member of “Arabesque”, Jasmin Vetter, founded the pop duo "Rouge". They have released on CD an album in Japanese language, took part in German pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1987, and toured in several countries. 1989 the project “Rouge” stopped existing, because of Jasmine’s pregnancy.
During all these years, Michaela Rose improved her knowledge in different spiritual practices like Reiki (she's got master degrees in USUI, kundalini and diamond Reiki), resonating bowl therapy, numerology, tarot and spiritual coaching.
But the demands after an “Arabesque” comeback never stopped...
In 2006 Michaela Rose has received from the record company the permission to use the name and the songs of “Arabesque” and, with a support from Russian radio station “Retro FM”, has started her “Arabesque” stage comeback, leading the new line-up of “Arabesque”.
Since that time, Michaela and her "Arabesque" are playing concerts very successfully in many countries on different continents - in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Dubai (to name just a few).
In 2017 Arabesque celebrated their 40's anniversary – and, following numerous requests from many ex-USSR countries, released a re-recorded version of their song “Zanzibar”