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Bio's are for corporations & people who want you to know what they did & who they worked with. We don't really give a fuck about what we did in the past but we know that sometimes people want to know so here it is. We've been a part of major records, not so major records, & obscure records. We've played in over 16 different countries, 4 continents, and performed in front of audiences ranging from 10 people to 50,000. We've worked with really famous people, not so famous people, & unknown people. You know what we found out after working with all those guys? They're all just people & you're only as good as your last record. We hope you love our album "Battle Like A Champion.” It's a concept album & a very personal one, especially for Lexie who wrote, executive produced, & performed all the songs on it. It's an album that is meant to take you through life's peaks & valleys, from childhood to adulthood, happiness to melancholy, & the life of a woman told through the eyes of the individual & the others. There is a beginning, middle & a foretelling of an end. There are celebratory moments, reflective moments, somber moments, sexy moments, confident & insecure moments, private & personal moments, observational moments, kick ass moments, & mad as hell-not gonna take it anymore "Network" moments. And I'm sure I forgot a few more moments.

We hope that you listen to it from beginning to end because that's the way it was intended & the only way to get the full experience. Although we STRONGLY encourage you to listen from beginning to end, we cannot always be visibly present when you listen, so you are allowed to enjoy, share, & listen to your favorite songs repeatedly.

But if we were present, we'd set up the most awesome experience. We'd put you in a 30ft by 30ft white room with some really super-high-quality speakers, a camera, some paint, lots of water & beer (Lexie loves beer & you will too), a really big-black-semi threatening-bodyguard-type-dude (for your own protection of course because everybody knows how intimidating a big-teddybear looking black dude is;-)), & we'd watch you from our pod at the end of the rainbow while we ate chocolate fondants with vanilla ice cream & marveled at how cute you are & how much you fucking rule!